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If you read on my review page, one male came into counselling feeling he had lots of "mental health diseases". He found out that he didn't, once he worked out what was not right in his life, and why.  Over time he rectified these things for an awesome future life.  This dictionary explains in every day terms what people mean by  fancy mental health terminology.

Sensible Psychology Dictionary


The Human Givens model of therapy is based on acknowledging  your innate needs, and seeing what is out of balance, or lacking, and rectifying what is missing or out of balance.  For an extended easy read, click here 

General information on Depression, Anxiety and Stress, click here


We often bring with us issues of faith, or no faith, and wonder lots about that.  We can also get tied in knots with confusion over our beliefs.  Read more by clicking here ....

Considering spirituality and religious issues in the counselling room


How you feel matters! Whether you're feeling sad, anxious, or stressed, HAPPIFY brings you effective tools and programmes to help you take control of your feelings and thoughts.

Their  proven techniques are developed by leading scientists and experts who've been studying evidence-based interventions in the fields of positive psychology,  for decades.


Would it surprise you that the UK is not in the top 10 countries where happiness rates well?  Have a read here about what makes us happy, after extensive research.   See if you agree. 

How to be Happy


Unfortunately, outside of the therapy room - people don't ask each other good questions very often.  In fact, people often don't ask any questions of each other at all.  This is a huge shame, because asking the right questions can change lives.  How good questions help us


Loyalty, commitment, trust .... are these some of the words that you'd use to describe friendship?  We are relational beings, and need others (although sometimes solitary confinement looks attractive!) to help form our lives. 

Essential traits of being relational


Many people with  Aspergers  find it helpful to speak to a professional. Counselling can help develop coping strategies, learn relaxation techniques and overcome relationship problems. Aspergers - a different way of processing. It's not a disease.

Aspergers and Counselling


Do you suffer from Smiling Depression ?  Looking happy on the outside, able to hold down a job, socialise, play sport or be part of a local club.   Hidden underneath are;  feelings of insecurity, self harm, silent anger, rage, low self worth, constantly tired, or perhaps suicidal thoughts.


Sometimes, you may feel worse before you feel better. This does not happen for everyone attending counselling, but it might for you. This "worse" feeling should not last long if handled well in the counselling room.  


Are you a concerned parent/caregiver and would like your teen or now young adult to attend counselling ?  What if they don't want to go !  A great article here.

What if your teen refuses to attend counselling?


When you first have a panic attack, it may feel like you are going to die.  Losing control of your body.   How about a free program to help reduce the chances of having another panic attack ????

say no to Panic Attacks

Emotionally Mature

After a period of counselling, we may notice new things about ourselves that are now different and more comfortable.  This video may highlight some of those.