What actually is Therapy?


Your Mental Health

Your Mental Health

Your Mental Health

I am not so keen on the phrase "mental health" - I prefer to call it your "thought life health" .   Depression, fear, anxiety & panic attacks are some of the most common and uncomfortable emotions that we can experience. Through counselling, I'm  able to help you recover motivation, perspective, purpose and joy that you once had in your life. 




Your Mental Health

Your Mental Health

Aspergers ?  Feeling different ?  Fostered or adopted ?  Boarding school ?  Third culture kid?  Come - you will be understood .....  Guys  - you think counselling wont work - come and give it a go - I promise that you don't have to do anything scary, or anything that you don't want to do !  Teen, adolescent, young adult, adult - you are  welcome here for therapy. 



Your Mental Health


Relationships and family are what make our worlds work.  If your relationships are not benefiting you, let's find out why.      

ANGER seems to raise its ugly head in  relationships. I believe, through counselling,  that you can reduce your need to be angry substantially. 

Andrew Gaskill - Counsellor/Therapist EH3

I'm an Aussie,  UK registered & accredited counsellor, with 12 years of experience counselling teenagers and  adults.   I use parts of various models (Choice Therapy, Narrative Therapy, CBT, Solution Focused Therapy & The Human Givens) to look for less healthy patterns and thoughts in your life.  We all wear blinkers.  I help to widen your sight.  We may feel a bit stuck, presuming that we will always be stuck since we can't easily find a way  out.  Therapy helps us to become unstuck.  

I have worked and lived in various countries, travelling extensively.  Alongside counselling and social care, I have worked in the travel, transport & tourism sectors for much of my life (We travel not to escape life, but for life not to escape us). 

My vision is to see people living transformed lives, living lives of freedom with choice, acknowledging what makes us unique - finding our  place in life.   Being liberated from everything that we might summarise as Depression, Anxiety and Stress. 

Therapy is a chance to talk with me about things in our lives that don't make sense, or that make us sad, angry, confused, frustrated, or afraid. Talking with me can help us negotiate  these things better, and feel more confidant about living our lives.

Not everybody  comes to counselling for a specific issue.  Sometimes people want to explore a general feeling that their lives are not quite right; to develop a purpose, and to learn how to make conscious and more authentic choices.

Your emotions will drive the decisions you make today, and your success may depend upon your ability to understand and interpret them.’   Mary C Lamia PhD Psychology Today

In any given moment we have two options: to step forward into growth or to step back into safety” – Abraham Maslow


A bit about me, and what happens in the therapy room

What will this Aussie counsellor in Scotland look like, what will he sound like, what will he make me do, is he weird?  Well now you'll know !!

.............. Heard from the counselling room

   I'm using up too much energy worrying

   It takes a lot of effort to keep hating

   My biggest request is not to be judged

   I was on medication for 10 years, and now off for a month, and never felt better

   Anger no longer controls me, I am now in control of it

   When I leave this room I am so calm, I react to things differently now

   What you most what to find will be found where you least want to look

   I caught myself thinking about ..........

   What I like about coming in here is that you and I don't agree on anything.  If you just      agreed with everything I said - I would not see things in a different light.

   What I wanted most from counselling was for someone to ask the right questions.

    It used to feel like a hurricane in my head ......

    ​I feel like I have the self sabotage gene​

    All the things that give me instant gratification, make me feel terrible afterwards

    We mustn't measure others with our own tape

    Anxiety is actually a disease of our perception

   My extreme worry , it's neither necessary nor useful

   I  want to ruthlessly eliminate hurry

   The more vulnerable I become, the less afraid I am  

    The Opposite Of Addiction Is Not Sobriety. The Opposite Of Addiction Is Connection

  I became honest with myself and self corrected

   I want my brain and me, to be on the same team



Low Cost Therapy

I'd like therapy to be freely available to all on the NHS for no charge.  Limited counselling is possible via the NHS (GP referral).  I charge modest fees for private therapy available immediately. 

Fee - £39 for a 55-60 minute session

£139 for 4 sessions paid in one transaction, taken as you require

£199 for 6 sessions paid at once, taken as you require

Reduced fee situations considered.  . 

90 minute sessions possible - £54, or -  £195 - 4 sessions 

If considering fortnightly or longer gaps between sessions, I find it's better to meet at least weekly for the first 3-4 sessions to build a stronger rapport, then stagger sessions if you wish.

Contact Andrew

Initial inquiry

I'm here for you

I'm Andrew Gaskill, and my Counselling room is in Edinburgh. (10  minutes walk from St Andrew's Square, ) I work with teenagers and  adults 12+.   Emails/texts will be responded to normally within 1-2 hours,  Monday to Saturday.

0750 3288563 - text only/request a call back.  


Message me on WhatsApp

2nd floor/22 Great King Street EH3 6QH EDINBURGH (currently all sessions will be via Skype/Zoom/Face Time or telephone, UFN due to latest UK lock down rulings.

(there is no elevator in the building)


I am a freelance counsellor part time at a variety of times Mondays - Saturdays.   Sessions last 55-60 minutes.     

Therapy by Email


Better with the written word, opposed to  the spoken word?  Maybe email therapy might work well for you.   Find it hard to articulate on the spot what you are feeling?  Like to write things down and be prepared ?   Writing helps you empty your mind, and articulate things?  Consider therapy by email with Andrew


I waited eight months for therapy. If I hadn't been able to pay for counselling, I don't think I'd be here today.

What's going on in your teenager's head.....?

What's going on in your teenager's head ....?

Our unmet emotional needs

How long should I stay in therapy?

How to choose a counsellor


Borrowing concepts from The Human Givens model.  Click here to listen to a radio interview.

How to choose a counsellor

How long should I stay in therapy?

How to choose a counsellor


Click here for a BBC video clip

How long should I stay in therapy?

How long should I stay in therapy?

What's going on in your therapist's mind?


What's going on in your therapist's mind?

What's going on in your therapist's mind?

What's going on in your therapist's mind?


Ever wondered what is your counsellor thinking about during your therapy session ?  I identify with much of this article.

Is counselling for the weird?

What's going on in your therapist's mind?

What's it like for a teen in therapy?

Have you opened a new location, redesigned your shop, or added a new product or service? Don't keep it to yourself, let folks know.

What's it like for a teen in therapy?

What's going on in your therapist's mind?

What's it like for a teen in therapy?

This Welsh video clip looks at what it may be like attending counselling as a teenager.   

You do not have to do anything that you don't want to when you come to counselling.  However there needs to be a desire of your own to attend, not just the desire of others around you.