Therapy by Email - in the UK


How does email therapy work? Is it for me ?

  • Email Therapy involves you typing your feelings, thoughts &  concerns, then emailing them.   Andrew then takes the time to read and, with a well-thought-out therapeutic response.   You can send emails anytime.  This provides you an  opportunity to reduce an overwhelmingness. 

  • Email therapy can be very convenient and gives you the time to write about the issue that you require support for.  This also means that you can express your thoughts when occur, at any time, rather than waiting for your next session.  Typing out your feelings in your own environment can be very healing in itself.

  • Once your email is received, Andrew takes around an hour to read, then re-read what you have written, then forms a  therapeutic response.   In my response, you will be provided with reflection, support,  feedback, suggestions and potential questions that you might start to ask yourself.  

The Benefits of  Email Therapy with Andrew

  • Available , 24 hours a day, to those resident in the UK
  • Sessions are securely conducted via encrypted email
  • No need to book a slot time, just pay and send your email
  • You decide where and when you write to Andrew and how frequently
  • You have time to consider your situation and put your feelings and thoughts into words
  • I have time to carefully consider your thoughts and feelings before replying
  • You have access to a written response that you can re-read and consider before responding
  • There is less pressure on you to respond to any question or suggestion, as there is in face to face sessions
  • You can choose to be as anonymous as you like
  • Accessible whether you are on holiday, at home, on the go, at work or housebound

What would I put in my first email?

  • You are welcome to type about anything, in the way that you feel comfortable.  It is an  opportunity to just let the words come out.  To help you get started, it would be helpful to know which gender you identify as,  your age, your people (who is active in your world), and a brief history. You can share what your area of concern is, where you're stuck, how the problem has affected you and your thoughts and feelings.   

Email Counselling Instructions

  • Please indicate whether you would like a single or package of email therapy.
  • Go to the payment's page and use Paypal, bank transfer, or Mobile Phone payment options based on the fees below.  Receipts are always emailed.  
  • You can decide to move over to Face to Face sessions, or Skype sessions at anytime.  
  • If you pay for more sessions than you later decide you need, then the difference will be immediately refunded. 
  • You don't need to limit yourself to 6 responses.
  • For insurance reasons, you need to be in residing in the UK to partake in this therapy. 
  • Please go to the forms page and read through and acknowledge the counsellor agreement, and the GDPR forms.
  • Plan on including up to 1200 words in your email, then within 30 hours, (excluding Sundays) you will receive a response from Andrew.
  • *Ensure you check your spam/junk folder, just in case.  
  • Andrew will delete your email, and instead keep a copy on a cloud platform used by health professionals. 
  • Andrew will send a secure email reply, where you must input an access code to open it, a text sent to your mobile phone.  These emails can't be forwarded or copy/pasted.


  • One response               £35
  • Three responses         £99
  • Four responses            £129
  • Six responses                £179