Actual testimonials

Male, 17

Your sessions over two years helped me make decisions I most likely would have made incorrectly if it weren't for you being there. You helped me remain part of my family when I thought I had lost all hope.  You prevented me from life ending decisions - therefore I am forever thankful. 

Male, 15

I think counselling is great, even though it took me 4 years of convincing before I said yes.  I often find myself in unintentional trouble.  This annoys me, as I don't understand what I am doing is wrong - but this is no excuse for my behaviour. I personally believe that only one person understands me, but I only get to see him once a week.   He is understanding of my violent behaviour, and has a valid explanation for what  the trigger is for my violence, and why I want to hurt people.   I also find out that I am not alone with this state of health.

Female, 18

There has been a tragedy in our family - please can you see my younger brother.  You understood and supported me through our previous rocky family times, and he needs your support now.  I think I will manage this one by myself ...

Male, 23

It has taken me a while, but I now get why I push people away, why I can become cold for extended periods of time.  I now see that it is okay for good things to happen to me, yes me !  Thank you for helping me to see these things for myself.

Female, 38

Redundancy was something that I was never expecting, and it hit me and knocked me over more than I ever thought it could. I often wondered why I was coming here each week, but now I know - I am now ready to re-join life, and I can now see past my depression.

Male, 14

I came here thinking that I had all these mental diseases. I wanted to club my own father to death when I reached 16 years of age.  I now know I do not have any mental disease, I am going on a camping trip up north over the summer sharing a tent with my Dad who I now love, and I have made sincere apologies to 3 teachers including a primary school teacher who I gave a lot of grief to.  I would not have wanted to have taught me !