Cost to see counsellor - Payment options

Therapy costs  are to be paid in advance, noting no refunds for cancellations within 24 hours, and 50% cancellation of fee if you cancel  25 hours - 14 days prior.  The reasons for prepayment are:  1) To encourage commitment.  2) To keep session fees as low as feasible avoiding no-shows.  3) I share this room with several counsellors, and payment secures our space especially at popular times like early evenings.

* At the first session, I will stop 30 minutes in and ask if you would like to continue, or leave without any awkwardness, if you feel I am not the right counsellor for you. If you leave then, I would refund half the fee back you you. No questions asked.

 Receipts will be emailed. 

You can send money from your account using your mobile phone  (send to 0750 3288563)                - or-

You can transfer money to:

A Gaskill - Halifax - 00652867.  Sort - 11 52 26


Pay with PayPal or a debit/credit card