Cost for therapy EH3- Payment options

Therapy costs  are to be paid in advance, noting no refunds if cancelled on the day.   £39 per session .   £139 for 4 sessions paid in one transaction.  £199 for 6 sessions paid at once.  (you do not have to book in all prepaid sessions at once).

£54 for a 90 minute session. (or £195 for 4 x90 minute sessions, or £289 for 6x90 minute sessions)

The reasons for prepayment are to encourage commitment, and to keep session fees fair,  avoiding no-shows.     

* Up to  30 minutes into the first session, you can get up and walk out, if you feel the room, location, or myself, are not for you.  You can leave without any awkwardness,  If you leave then, I would refund the full fee back to you. No questions asked.

 Receipts will always be emailed.  

You can send money from your account using your mobile phone  (send to 0750 3288563)                - or-

(Preferred) You can transfer money to:

A Gaskill - Halifax - 00652867.  Sort - 11 52 26


Pay in Euros - €43 

IBAN - GB18 PRTC 0099 8500 0925 70


REF - M4623153

                               - or - 

Pay with PayPal or a debit/credit card

Moving away from everything being a disorder .....


When we pay attention to our emotional NEEDS (not wants, or nice to haves, but NEEDS) then we are on our way to healing, and on our way to finding our place in the world.