What is counselling like? The room in Edinburgh. EH3


This room is on the 2nd floor up 2 flights of stairs.  There is no lift.   You are free to help yourself to teas, coffee or water.  Toilets are on the same floor. 

Therapy is a safe, targeted conversation between two people, with professional boundaries.

It is normal to feel awkward and uncomfortable talking about personal things. It doesn’t matter what age you are! However, most people usually find that they relax very quickly and it can actually feel like a huge relief to speak freely to someone new about their problems, knowing that you will not be judged in any way for feeling the way that you do.   Have a read of some of the links at the bottom of this page, of others' experiences and thoughts before and during counselling.

I will keep secure notes, which you are free to view at anytime.  They are not a secret from you, but are a secret to everyone else.    I meet with a supervisor monthly to anonymously discuss my work and it's direction. 

If you are 14 years or older, then everything in the counselling session is confidential.  Without your permission, nothing is passed on to your school, work place, agencies such as the police, family or friends.  An exception to this rule is if you start to talk about seriously hurting or harming yourself or another, if you talk about a serious crime such as that involving a minor, or terrorism.  These boundaries are discussed on day one of us meeting. 

The title "counsellor" and "therapist" are somewhat interchangeable.  A psychologist may counsel, or may practice in an area of speciality such as forensics or education, or may be involved in academic research.  A "psychiatrist" is a doctor who can issue prescriptions, and practices in the mental health domain. 

Whilst at your first session, if after 30 minutes you would like to leave (and receive 100% of your fee back) if you feel that I am not the counsellor for you, do not feel awkward about leaving.

See the infographic below about how counselling works ......



"Listening is the highest form of hospitality," says Henri Nouwen - "not to change people but offering them space where change can take place."

The Therapy Business

This is a BBC radio interview from a journalist that talks about his experience of searching for private therapy, and how this somewhat unregulated profession works in the UK.  Aired on 24th September 2019.

Am I heading in the right direction with therapy?