Forms & Agreements


Counsellee Understanding (agreement) form

This online form is an agreement/understanding between you, the counsellee, and Andrew Gaskill, the counsellor/therapist in Edinburgh.  It will save time if you can complete it before the first session, but can be completed in session if you prefer. 

                Online form of Understanding

Self Referral/Your details form

This form is for your basic contact details, including reasons for counselling.  

                           Your Personal Details form

Mood check

This optional form can be completed before you arrive at the first session,   It gives the counsellor an idea of where you are with your emotional health currently.  Please answer as honestly as you can, based on the last few weeks.    Mood Check  There are 34 questions - please allow 7-10 minutes .

Mid Therapy Evaluation

This is often used at a mid way point through the therapy journey.     FORM

General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR)

The GDPR is concerned with the personal information about you that I collect, store, and share.


  • Name.
  • Age.
  • Address.
  • Mobile phone number 
  • Email address (generally for administrative communications)
  • Session summary.
  • Mood check
  • Reason for referral


  • Paper:  None
  • Smartphone: If you text me, or agree to me sending you a text, your number will stay in my phone during your period of counselling.  I do not store your name or save to contacts.  
  • Email: Your email address and correspondence will be stored in my business email account (currently GSuite) by nature of you contacting me.  Auto appointment email reminders are sent unless you request otherwise.
  • Website: none of your personal information is stored on my website, other than to momentarily collect & send it to my email account for the purposes of our initial contact.  The website's host may collect analytics that I don't see such as how long you are on the page for, and where you navigated from and to. 
  • I keep your basic details in a double  password encrypted cloud platform operated by who provide platforms for the healthcare industry, to safe levels equivalent to NHS systems.  From this system your auto reminder email is sent. I store brief reflective notes after each session as a reminder to myself of key points, where others' names and locations are not specified.  The counsellee can see their notes at anytime, no-one else can, including families who bring you. 
  • Bank account - your name will appear on my bank account statement/Paypal statement, both of which are electronic only, and password protected. 


Your name and contact details will be shared with my Therapeutic Executor, accessed by a special code, which electronically releases the name of anyone currently receiving therapy from myself, with their contact details, should the need arise to advise you of my death or incapacitation. 


I will hold onto your electronic information for  seven years past the end of our working together. This is so that I have a reference of our work should you return, and to comply with my indemnity insurer.  If you are under 18, your electronic data is held until you are 25.

You have the following rights...

  • To be informed what information I hold (i.e. this document).
  • To see the information I hold about you (free of charge for the initial request).
  • To rectify any inaccurate or incomplete personal information.
  • To withdraw consent to me using your personal information.

---End of GDPR document for counselling with Andrew Gaskill (Data Controller) Edinburgh---

                Click here to acknowledge your understanding of this document.


Employee Assisted Programme

(to look at or complete before session 1 of an EAP appointment)

Myers Briggs

Personality Test

Andrew may, during therapy, if relevant to you, ask you to complete this test/survey about yourself, to find your personality type according to the psychology of  Jung & Myers Briggs.  If you feel comfortable, please email the outcome to Andrew in advance of the next session. 

Take survey now (it takes about 15-20 minutes)