Forms & Agreements


This online form is an agreement between you, the counsellee, and Andrew Gaskill, the counsellor in Edinburgh or Dunfermline.  It is for face to face counselling, and also Skype/online counselling.  It will save time if you can complete it before the first session, but can be completed in session if you prefer. 

Online Agreement form

Your details form

This form is for your basic contact details, including reasons for counselling.  

Your Personal Details form

Mood check

This form can be completed before you arrive at the first session, or during the session.  It gives the counsellor an idea of where you are with your emotional health currently.  Please answer as honestly as you can, based on the last few weeks.  

If you don't wish to answer a question - please leave it blank. 

Mood Check  - Adult           There are 34 questions - please allow 7-10 minutes .

Mood Check - Teenager      There are just 10 questions for you.  "zero" for not at all, and "10" for                                               all the time - or somewhere in between.